Classic car insurance

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Classic Car Insurance

With Hagerty collector car insurance,* hundreds of thousands of collector vehicles are covered.

We understand what collector car owners want and need to protect their investment. That's why we offer Hagerty classic car insurance quotes. Not only is Hagerty passionate about all things classic, they're the largest insurance agency for collector cars in the United States.
Why buy classic car insurance?
You may have noticed there's a big difference between collector car insurance policies and regular use policies, including cost. Hagerty collector car insurance boasts low premiums and excellent coverage. Other benefits include:
Agreed Value Coverage — In case of a total loss, you get the full amount of insured value on your collector car insurance policy.
No Deductible — In most states, you pay nothing if you have a claim.
Flexible Usage — Enjoy your classic with comfortable classic car insurance limits.
In-House Claims — Your claim is handled by a collector car insurance expert.
Repair Shop of Choice — Take your car to your favorite repair shop.
Restoration Coverage — Protect your classic with classic car insurance and increase value during the active project.
What collector cars are covered?
Hagerty offers collector car insurance for the following types of vehicles:
Antiques and classic cars
Muscle cars
Exotic and special interest
Street rods
Modern classics
Replicas (high quality)
Fire trucks
Low riders
Military vehicles
Motorcycles and scooters
Vehicles under active restoration
What's not covered?
Hagerty does not provide collector car insurance for these vehicle types:
Inexpensive home-built kits that do not replicate a classic vehicle
Any vehicles used for camping, off-road or utility-type driving
Pro-street vehicles modified with racing features like roll cages, nitrous systems, parachutes, etc.
Regular-use vehicles driven on a daily basis
Vehicles used primarily for commercial use
No motorcycles with performance modifications
Any vehicle modified with nitrous systems, blown alcohol systems or that run on nitro-methane
Dune buggies