How to Buy Car Insurance

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Compulsory Traffic Insurance

As a result of an accident or other vehicle damage to a third party guarantee is that you can give.

Insurance Coverage
Motor Vehicle singly
     Insurer, the policy defined in the motor vehicle during the operation, a person's death or injury or something harm to be caused due to the 2918 Road Traffic Act by the operating valve falls to civil liability, compulsory insurance limit up to assure.

     Depending on the vehicle being towed trailers or semi-trailers (including light trailers), or cause to be taken in a vehicle losses are covered by insurance attractive.

     Resulting in an accident in order to prevent or reduce the damage, the insurer will make reasonable and necessary expenses shall be borne by the insurer.

Traffic Insurance Information Form

Businesses Related to Motor Vehicle Finds
     Located in professional activities related to motor vehicles undertakings; inspection, repair, maintenance, purchase and sale, vehicle modification or a similar purpose vehicles left them because of the damage caused are responsible as operator of the vehicle's original.

This insurance professionals operating in the above mentioned areas are required to be made ​​by them, which allowed for the operation of motor vehicles is guaranteed because of the damage they caused.

Related to Motor Vehicle Vocational Act. Liability Insurance Information Form


The following general terms and conditions of this policy, clauses and provisions within the framework of the description specified in the policy refers.

-Traffic Of Insurance Terms

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