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Rental Car Insurance: Podcast

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Dilİngilizce [English]
World of Traffic Insurance Practices

The first appearance of insurance in the 12th century with the development of sea trade was. At that time, most Genoa, Italian port cities like Venice and Florence are encountered in the application of marine insurance. In particular, Venice has become a complete insurance center. Insurance on the first insurance policy known, was built in 1347. This policy, from Genoa to Majorca load-bearing ship carrying goods from Santa Clara held as collateral.

These applications have reached the UK, and subsequently further developed marine insurance here. The opening of the office in the UK in 1574 became the first insurance. In 1601, the related insurance arrangements entered into British law.

In London in 1688, Edward Lloyd's coffee is running, time for ship owners, traders and businessmen became a place where they meet. Meet here and who want to insure their ships or cargo people who want to bond with these people, then they gave the name of Lloyd's have established a community. At that time, the name of the captain of the ship, which will be released into the sea, the destination of the ship and its cargo if a document stating wander hand in hand here. This document will be the basis of the journey without incident and believes it to be accurate to insurance businessmen, in case of a loss this document under the names and how much they would pay if they were the authors. In English, that means to the insurance underwriting (write below) The word comes from here.

In 1871, the interests of these communities Parlemetosu UK troops have become a law. Which operates only on the first time, Lloyd's marine insurance, insurance of any kind are made once the insurance company has become a worldwide.

The Great Fire of London in 1666 after experiencing the first fire insurance company in the UK has begun to emerge. These companies also has its own fire department if the. These companies fire insurance to be mounted outside of the building they're a fire plate data. According to rumors, this plate is not even in the building when the fire firefighters put out the fire instead they're stopped and watched the fire.

In the next century rapid industrialization and rapid changes in the social structure, the nature of the types of risks have changed a lot. With industrialization increased work accidents and compensation claims. It also emerged a number of compulsory insurance applications. At the end of the 19th century, compulsory employers' liability insurance has been put into practice.

Here is the implementation of compulsory motor insurance at the end of the 19th century, was also taken. The widespread use of the car, also brought along a traffic accident. Compulsory motor insurance practices are seen as the first in Denmark in 1918. Times are being implemented in other countries. However, the second half of the 20th century became widespread in full.

Even in England compulsory traffic insurance scheme started in 1930. In 1967, this practice has been adopted in Italy. Interestingly, in 1971, America had only three in the state of implementation of compulsory insurance. New York, Massachusetts, and in the states of North Carolina.

According to research carried out in Europe drives our country Suruç average four times more money than they're paying. Considering the amount paid to the compulsory traffic insurance, Turkey, the annual average is 89 euros at the end of the list. However, in the first row of the list, with 438 euros, Switzerland and Italy 431 euros, 258 euros and 214 euros with Germany and Austria there.

Western European countries, Eastern European countries, according to the compulsory traffic insurance pays more.

Finally, let's talk about the Green Card application. In 1949, the United Nations, the use of motor vehicles traveling on the highway during the third parties guaranteeing the damage they suffered a recommendation to the insurance company found. Accordingly, the compulsory traffic insurance scheme will cover all of the countries have a single insurance you want to be.

In 1953, the countries concerned in accordance with the request by the Government Office for the name of the center was established. These offices in Brussels were collected under the umbrella of the Office of the Council. Our country has entered into this system. Foreign plate when a vehicle in an accident in our country, the resulting losses, Turkey meets the Bureau of Motor Vehicles. In the same way that an accident abroad with Turkish license plates of vehicles damaged in the country also welcomes Bureau of Motor Vehicles.